Mobile Application

In the background of unremittingly competitive environment, to survive and achieve requires exploiting all new opportunities and which involves being ahead of obsolescence at all times, adopting latest technologies, more and more complex IT application solutions.

We believe in basic management theory of Management by Exception, and hence we offer services from custom application development, mobile application development, testing and maintenance to allow you to focus on what you do best – you core business activity. An improved ROI is the natural corollary.

We define requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms, even integrate with existing client server and heritage systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

Our re-engineering services help you migrate almost seamlessly, be it Platform, Database, Technology migration or to cloud. Time tested methodologies and Techniques are used for designing the testing strategies for the re-engineering program depending on the type of reengineering process and migration. Test strategizing plays an important role in carrying out the entire Test execution program due to High business risk, huge investments and mission critical systems involved.

We offer comprehensive testing services built upon both business & technical knowledge to deliver quality and enhanced readiness to implement change.

Team Indus has an OOB approach and is process yet result oriented. We follow a predefined set of methodologies and frameworks and have a well-structured software development life cycle which clearly defines set of milestones and deliverables. Our team works towards developing solutions that transform your critical business processes. We not only deliver software solution but manage your processes and outcomes.