About US

The year 2000 saw the birth of an organization that has set forth to redefine the concept of service. Having started as firm providing trouble shooting solutions and static html pages, the firm has since grown to integrated IT solution provider. Our ability to create "true value" underscores our role as a trusted partner, working together with clients to create and implement best-fit solutions.

The business environment is continuously evolving. And this constant evolution has made the world Flat. The globalization, universal availability of technology and reporting and compliances, changing face of the global population has all contributed to it. We at Indus Infotek help you constantly innovate, manage change and compete effectively in this flattened world. With a highly qualified and enthusiastic team of over 50 technocrats, IIT is fully geared to meet the software needs of its existing and prospective customers. Regular training sessions and other learning exercises keep our team up-to-date and in constant touch with the latest in IT.

Our indigenous expertise in IT areas enables us to offer cutting edge technology, tailor-designed to suit the customer's needs. As a result, the client benefits from our quality, productivity, costmilestones, skills, credibility and long-term business relation advantages in the same go.

Software development, web design and web application development, ecommerce software development, Human resource software, programming and coding services, are among our core specialties.

Our Philosophy

Sinaxis provides service for traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers and related equipment for the Satellite Communications market throughout Indian sub-continent and South East Asia.

Sinaxis has been in business since 2004 providing front-line field service and repair at base for satellite communication equipment and systems. Our customer base includes many internationally recognised companies and institutions. Our areas of expertise include high power amplifiers, SSPAs, frequency converters, RF and microwave systems, instrumentation amplifiers, high voltage power supplies and associated RF equipment.

We have extensive experience of a wide variety of HPA manufacturer’s equipment and are service agents for Xicom Technology and MCL. We operate primarily in Indian sub-continent and South East Asia but offer global coverage when required.

Quality Focus

Indus Infotek is a process-driven organization. We believe that it is the strength of the quality processes that assures us of timely, error-free delivery of products and services. Throughout our successful business history, our commitment to quality has been steadfast. Our objective is to deliver an unparalleled value for all our projects, as this is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. To reach this goal, we at Indus focus on three fundamental quality factors:

Quality of Staff - A committed, motivated, qualified and experienced work force who can dare to think out of the box is the foremost perquisite to deliver quality results.

Quality of Communication - It is possible to work successfully on any project only if effective communication is ensured between the customer and us. Indus places great emphasis on its two pronged communication strategy: language proficiency and structured job progress reporting.

Quality of Innovation - For us at Indus Infotek Innovation is not a series of unrelated "apple falling on the head" moments but a constant, preplanned process. Our systems and processes are the way we avoid that "apple falling on the head" approach to innovation.